Pundersons' " March Disc'n' Madness " Singles League   March 16, 2013 at 9:58pm

Week #3 Results

8 brave discgolfers, withstood freezing rain with ice pellets, along with a couple of inches of slushy snow, to play week #3 of March 'Disc'n' Madness . Andy Morrison was the Big Winner , this week , as he took home the top spot with a score of 59. NICE !! CTP winners were ; Tom English x2 , Andy x2 and Stephen Brown. Bag tag draw went to Andy. FIBs went to Andy and Stephen. Tom English CTP'ed his way into the Ace Fund and the DFL prizes went to Ryan. For the 1st time , no targets were hit , but Tom Mote had 3 bonus points added to his total , for donating prizes. Big Thank You !! , to all who played !! Boo - Yeah !!