MI Match Play Association   February 13, 2013 at 9:56am

Michigan Match Play Association Update

To all interested in match play:

Beginning on July 1, 2013 the Michigan Match Play Association, or MiMPA will sanction match-play events from June 1 through May 31 each year where players will earn points toward a berth in the Michigan Match-Play Championships which will be held on the final Saturday in June of each year. The goal for the Summer 2014 MMPC is to guarantee the winner $1,000 minimum.
Those interested in either a club membership or an individual membership will be expected to pay dues by the first meeting of the group which will be held on Friday, June 28th (the evening before the 2nd Michigan Match Play Championships which will be held Saturday, June 29th at Big Bend). At that meeting the plan will be to elect a leadership council and to approve a constitution.

Individual memberships cost $50 for the year (July 1, 2013 - June 30, 2014). For their $50 they will:

1) receive a collared shirt with the association logo,
2) play all events for free (except for the Championships), and
3) be entitled to one vote.

Club memberships cost $200 for the year (or $300 in merch). For their $200 they will be entitled to:

1) send 4 members of their choosing to play for free at all events (would not need to be the same four just four per event),
2) award one berth to the 2014 Michigan Match Play Championships. The only requirements of the berth would be that the player they choose to send must have earned points in at least one sanctioned match play event,
3) four votes,
4) host one sanctioned event where players score points toward 'earned' berths,
5) bid to host the Michigan Match-Play Championships.

The field for the 2013 event will still be limited to 16, with $1,000 added cash above and beyond the membership fees also applied to the purse.

Once the number of club memberships (and therefore automatic berths) reaches 8 (10?), the field will be expanded to 32. (Whether it would then become a two-day event, and the format for the matches would need to be decided by the membership).
Beginning Fall 2013, the MIDGC will continue as a sub-series within the Michigan Match Play Series....college students will continue to play for free and compete for the Dead Basket, as well as earn points toward the annual MMPC.

Non-members may compete and earn points in any of the sanctioned events for $5 per round.

Craig Clingan   February 14, 2013 at 11:33am

Leonard, does a club have to pay the $200 in order to host one of these events?