ABDG Glow 2013   February 5, 2013 at 10:21pm

New Season of Glow Golf

We are starting our 3rd year of glow Golf Mayhem. We have had 2 years of great scores, Aces, payouts and prizes. To date our acers are:
1)Nate Kabza $286-Hole 2-Rockwood
2)Tylo Valdez $297-Hole 1-Rockwood
3)Tylo Valdez $157-Hole 1-Vance
4)Aaron Walker $156-Hole 1-Vance
5)Jason Hardin $20-Hole 5-Rockwood
6)JoJo Armillo $20-Hole 4-Rockwood
7)Jason Hardin $132-Hole 1-Vance
8)Jason Hardin $200-Hole 8-Vance
9)Steve I. $253-Hole 2-Rockwood
10Aaron Stewart $27.50 Hole 3-Vance
11)Jason Hardin $27.50-Hole 3-Vance
12)Aaron Baker $17-Hole 7-Vance
13)Matt Hollenbach $17-Hole 1-Vance
14)Nate Kabza $363-Hole 1-Vance
15)Roman $74-Hole 4-Rockwood
16)Chris Francis $85-Hole 4-Vance
17)Larry V. $153-Hole 2-Rockwood