Disc Fanatics of Kansas   January 29, 2013 at 9:48am

Fairmont Design - Weekly Concept Courses

In order to maximize the number of conceptual layouts we can “test” on site, earlier today I obtained permission from Riley County to move forward in a different manner than we have been.

Assuming more layouts are forthcoming from players, the following change in our process is going to be implemented. This basic process worked well to design the existing Warner Park course and should work well at Fairmont Park too. Especially if people submit their concepts in time to be installed for testing (see below).

Each Saturday morning, for the next 6 weeks or so, a new course concept will be “installed” by placing our large “basket” and “tee” signs. No baskets should be necessary for analyzing these preliminary course designs. The signs will remain in place for each layout for an entire week… then moved to a new proposed layout on the following Saturday morning. (Of course, the Saturday of the LCM Ice Bowl we will defer to that layout).

Once we have exhausted all the layouts that have been proposed, presumably by the first week of March, we will then set down as a group in a meeting format to create a hybrid course that contains the best elements as possible. The exact date & time of this meeting is not yet set. After we as a group establish our preferred layout, it will then need to be submitted to Riley County for their review, comments & alterations.


Considering daylight is now lasting to approx. 6pm each night, one week should provide everyone with time to see/play each conceptual layout at their convenience… in large or small groups... maybe even multiple times during those weeks.

Please be mindful that these signs will be left un-attended. Therefore DFOK members that find them out of place will need help by putting them back in their designated place for that week.

To find out the parameters & limitations Riley County has set for our expansion area, plus to reserve a week for your concept to be installed, contact myself (Rick Petrie).

In closing, YES course design takes time & can be frustrating. However, it will be worth it in the end.


P.S. Please feel free to post questions as I’m sure the above information may be confusing or incomplete.