Black & White   January 29, 2013 at 1:01am

Frankenmuth Snowfest

The Frankenmuth Snowfest trip was a good one. I have never seen so many people in that town as I did that weekend and after wading through the many people in the town for the Snowfest we also had to wade through all of the sledders on the hills at the disc golf course, some applauding, some heckling.

Among the usual suspects of golfers we also had a couple of new guys. Mike Wolters made the trek across the state to join us again and we were happy to have him as he’s a great addition to the crew. At the end of the day after joining the Bag Tag League Mike walked away with the number one bag tag. Another newer player was Randy Gallagher Sr., a new golfer in the sport.

During the doubles round we had two father-son teams, the JvGs and Gallaghers. The third team was comprised of Mike Wolters and Jimmy Jean. The round was a competitive one going back and forth the whole time pushing skins for big cash-outs. The round came down to a throw off after the final hole where a putter throw won the match, with Randy Gallagher I & II won with 9 skins.

The singles round was also a competitive one. Jimmy, Randy & Mike hashed it out keeping the skins pushed for 6 holes at a time with Mike coming out on top in the end with some consistent throwing and a 12-6-0 win. Kyle JvG overpowered the other card with a 14-4-0 win. One noteworthy play that shouldn’t be overlooked for the round would be Dirk’s 100’+ putt. That was the longest putt for the day and best shot by far.

Coming up next month is Seymour Lake and that date WILL BE CHANGED to Saturday rather than Sunday. Please make sure that you note the change and plan accordingly. Also in the works is the May Match Play Tourney and the July Lemon Lake Trip. Keep in tune for those as they will be developing quickly. Thanks to all for coming out and we hope to see you next month.