Kalamzoo Disc Golf Consortium   January 20, 2013 at 5:15pm

Time to Start Recruiting

A big thanks to everyone that has already shown their support for our cause, the season is only a short couple of months away and the time has come to get involved. The city Parks and Recreation department has invited disc golfers to express the importance of our sport in relation to the future of parks management. In order to do so, we must gather and attend their open spaces and five year planning meetings as a group. These meetings will be occurring later in the year and the dates are yet to be determined. To all those that run clubs, or run with large groups of dedicated golfers, please, do what you can to get your fellow golfers to participate. Give them the address to this page and have them signup for up to date news on these meetings and our purposes.

Also, I am looking for somebody to help create a logo for t-shirts that will be sold to support the Kalamazoo Disc Golf Consortium. We need something that represents the spirit of disc golfers in Kalamazoo, something that will respectfully represent what we mean to accomplish. Submit any possible artwork to my email address: [email redacted], it will be reviewed and we will let you know what art will be used!

Thanks for all your support and good luck to all in the upcoming season!