Winter Bag tags   January 20, 2013 at 6:57am

Bag Tags back again

doing things a little different this year.. will have rules on me at waterloo tomorrow...

$10 buyin
Tags will be turned in the sunday prior to the winter end tourney(4/14/13).. so 4/7/13 will be turn in day.
ON turn in day 1st,2nd,3rd will get prize package and also have a major advantage at Bag tag Tourney,
1st place will get:
-Re-entry into Summer Bag tag
-24 hoodie of their choice
-Merch package
-and a berth to 2013 States
2nd place
-Re-entry into summer bag tag
- disc (buzz gt or Banger gt)
3rd place
- Re-entry into summer bag tags
Also will be a prize for DFL #24