Dan James  › FREEZEBEE Ice Bowl Open   January 14, 2013 at 3:11am

What is becoming one of the most coveted awards in the world ... the 2013 Freezbee Icebowl Chili cook-off winner is BRIAN FRAWLEY with his version of Venison Chili. Brian won by one vote over Josh Schulte's White Chix Chili. Also contributing chili today were Brandon Redmond, Abbie Stoeker, Pat and Gloria Olheiser, Jesse Cahill, Jeff Schrop, Dan James, Brett Hagen, Doug Granby, Nikki, Donne Dennis, Matt Stivers. I believe it was John Zane that brought the 10 loaves of bread. The Olheisers brought the Nacho Cheese Machine. Several other desserts and sides were also donated. The players ate well today ! Despite all the hype though, I overheard at least one person say "Jeff's chili wasn't that hot" !?!?

We are very close to the $6000 cash goal. Almost $2800 was raised today alone ! Again, Derek Michelak provided the largest cash donation with $415.

The food is still being totalled, but again, Scott Burnham and the kids of Robert's Elementary have come through. They are still collection but expecting to raise more than 800 lbs of food again this year.

Well done folks, well done.