Team Jenkins  › PoolSide DGC   April 22, 2011 at 9:40pm

PoolSide Disc Golf Course.
The baskets are in, tee boards are in place. Next tee arrows are on the baskets to get you around the course.Team Jenkins is working on putting in tee pads right now. Each tee pad will require a sponsor to donate money to purchase patio blocks. $45. Team Jenkins will be sponsoring Hole 1. As we generate money we will put in the other pads.
This is a Recreational course. But bring your game. The holes were strategically placed. It was designed to foster the basic pure throw.
The baskets are recycled.They are the original baskets from Roscoe Ewing Park.The Medina parks dept cleaned them up and helped us install them. Because of the different pole size. The parks had to custom make all the sleeves. The tee boards were once part of a fence. All signage and tee boards were made by a talented parks employee.

**Disc golf courses are designed and maintained by volunteers. Disc Golf is FREE to play. Ask what you can do to help out **