Craig Prime  › Blizzard Hills   July 22, 2010 at 2:11pm

stolen basket at Blizzard Hills
darn, darn, double darn. The #7 basket was stolen sometime between Monday night July19th. at 9:30pm and Wednesday morning. The report is that there are no tracks, so it was either yanked and carried to the parking lot or obtained from a small boat coming to hole 7 by way of the Pinconning River. And since this is a course that receives NO FUNDS from anywhere other than donations and club events, we have no money to replace it. There may be a slight chance that our insurance will help but most likely, the deductible will make that impossible. I am personally offering a reward for the return of the basket and solid information as to just who it was that took it. The reward is the most rare and treasured disc I own, the 2008 Pinconning Disc Golf Club's inaugural Course Designer Signature Series Fund raiser disc that I was lucky enough to have signed by the many great pros on hand at the final round of the tournament. As you can see, there is one spot left open for David Feldberg's signature, the only signature I was unable to obtain since D Feldberg was the top winner and he was IN DEMAND right after winning. I have always planned on seeing gentleman Dave at an upcoming event to get him to fill in the blank spot and I will now go out on a limb and say that before I turn this over as a reward, I'll get the final signature it needs. see the club logo for a pic of the rare reward disc