Allen Risley  › Kit Carson Park   July 21, 2010 at 11:57pm

Hole 14 was removed for safety reasons. That part of the park is traditionally used a lot by picnickers, but more importantly is used by the school across the street (L.R. Green) for P.E. classes. The removal was spurred by a 9-yr-old boy in a P.E. class getting hit in the head, requiring 5 staples. So PLEASE, don't play the old hole.

The S.D. Aces are working with the City to add back a hole to replace #14, and possibly add a few more.

I don't know how others are handling the way they post scores for 14. At doubles on Saturday mornings we play a 17-hole round and then play #5 a second time to get 18 holes. If I were going to post that I would put the second #5 score in the #14 spot, so all the other scores would be placed correctly. My 2 cents.