DISC-OR-DIE   September 13, 2012 at 6:23pm

DISC-OR-DIE Featured Artists Series Disc #1 / DyeMax Order

The first DISC-OR-DIE Featured Artists Series discs have been ordered. The art will be by Skulboy and the discs will promote the Black Ace Disc Golf "Black Ace Finals" on 12/6/2012. A limited edition of 50 discs will be stamped - Icon Ghost, Pinnacle Rampage and Icon Rampage from Legacy Discs (with a very limited number of black discs being included for both molds). A new DyeMax order has also been placed, limited to 10 total (half bottom-stamped S/DS Destroyers and half bottom-stamped Star XCalibers). The art will be by Jeff Gaither, and this will be unique type of release (DyeMax applied to stock bottom-stamped discs). On a final note, our full color DISC-OR-DIE packaging is soon to be expanded with the addition of two new header cards designed by Dave Lonteen. Look for those be used for new discs in 2013.