DISC-OR-DIE   August 22, 2012 at 9:54pm

DISC-OR-DIE 2012/2013 Featured Artists Series.

DISC-OR-DIE would like to announce a 2012/2013 Featured Artists series of discs. We will be working with a number of artists to each draw the same design in their own style. Each of the designs will be used to promote a local tournament with a limited edition hot stamped disc. The designs will then be used to create a poster, possibly in Andy Worhol style, that will then be signed by each of the artists. Since it’s a Featured Artists series, the artist’s name will be prominently displayed on the discs and posters. Many of the discs will go to the artist and the tournament, but we will also have a few for sale to recoup our costs. It may be tough to collect them all, so keep checking in for more details as to when they will be released. The artists are expected to include Jeff Gaither, Mike Fortunato, Skeet Scienski, Skulboy, and Dave Lonteen.