Disc Fanatics of Kansas   August 18, 2012 at 7:22pm

Fairmont Park Expansion in the Local News!

This is DFOK News about News, so to speak.

If you listen to the local radio news station (1350am KMAN) in the mornings, this week you heard two segments that involve Fairmont Park, and even mentioned us (but they didn't name us by name).

BACK STORY: As you may already have heard, the person in charge of the Riley County Parks system, assistant Public Works Director Rod Meredith, retired Friday. If you've ever spoken to him you'd know that he is (was) pleased with, maybe even "proud" to have, a disc golf course at Fairmont Park. So it is probably no surprise that he is (was) working with us to create an additional 9 holes, thus making it a full 18 hole course.

NEWS STORY: When the local news radio station, KMAN 1350am, covered the retirement of Mr. Meredith they discussed many of the Riley County Parks Dept. ongoing & future projects with him. Much to my surprise, the subject of us expanding the course at Fairmont Park was covered in greater detail than anything else at Fairmont Park.

On Tuesday the 14th, Mr. Meredith, plus one county commissioner, were guests on KMAN to talk about Riley County governmental issues. Predictably, they spent a considerable amount of time talking about Mr. Meredith's accomplishments & visions for the future. When he got to the subject of Fairmont Park, he specifically stated that they are in the process of expanding the disc golf course from 9 holes to 18 holes. That was exciting to hear, but nothing more was said. The name of that radio show is In-Focus, here's a link to their on-demand audio ( http://1350kman.com/?p=20669 ).

Then came the KMAN News on Friday the 17th. The interviewer (Cathy Dawes) listed a few potential improvements for Fairmont Park, but the only one she provided any detail about was the disc golf course expansion. She described the current course as "popular with all levels of players, because it's beginner friendly but still provides some challenges for more expireanced players". She then stated that an addition of 9 holes, to make it an 18 hole course, has been approved and is now in the design stage. Then they played an audio clip from Mr. Meredith. In the clip he talked about, (1) working with the local disc golf organization to get an additional 9 holes designed, (2) described the general area of the park we will be using, plus (3) stated that the disc golfers are staking the course layout and practicing it to make sure it plays well.

It was especially nice of Mr. Meredith to make a point of mentioning our project as he approached his retirement, thus setting the stage for us to finish what we've started.

All & all it was a nicely done news segment demonstrating that disc golf is still on the rise in Manhattan.

What will be the next news about Fairmont Park?

Rick Petrie

p.s. Yes, Rod told me who to work with after his departure. Onward & upward!