SilverBacks   July 27, 2012 at 9:57am

Sup to my Silverbacks...

Just a couple words to my homies in the crew. Thinkin we need to get together a few times comin up here pretty soon. Startin with Stubb Stewart this weekend...then I'm thinkin there's two events that we, as a squad, need to show up, represent, and have some hukkin fun! First one is the ACE Race at Horning's comin up soon (link below). Who doesn't love an ace race? Gonna be a great time, fantastic players pack, and I'll see if we can get our "home away from home", Campsite J. The other "mandatory attendance" event will be Joe's, the Cannibis Cafe Tourny at Horning's at the end of Sep. That one's in a while, so we have plenty of time to prepare for a Gorilla Invasion! Plus, Joe said there will something a li'l "special" for all his Silverback Brothers and Sisters who show!

An official welcome to our newist 'Backs, Joe, and Rob. Welcome to the family.

It's been a busy summer for all of us so far, and I'm excited for the rest of the year. Congrats is due to a few 'Backs on their performances...Andy, Adin, Stylez, nice shootin at the BMO, and Redneck Rob..?...what a great win to start your "professional" career! Joe, nice showing with a solid 2nd at the PowGnar, sorry I didn't end up on the mountain with you, Vitamin A, Redneck, and Adin.

Ebeling, Hippie, Waters, Buddy, and Kermie...I'm callin you guys out. It's been far too long since I've thrown a round with you Gorillas. Timmbo, you and Big Shawn have good excuses...well, his is good. I mean, who gave you permission to leave for the summer,Timmbo? That was not discussed. Where my Gorilla Ladies at??? Now that Shawn's coming back, I expect to see Taylor out at some late season Gorilla Invasions too, we haven't forgotten about you!

Love you guys,