Disc Fanatics of Kansas   June 17, 2012 at 4:34am

DFOK at Abilene Shootout, Plus Progress at Fairmont Park

Shout out to all the DFOK members who played in today's Abilene Shootout. DFOK was well represented by being 25% of the participants in attendance, including many taking home winnings. Everyone seemed to have a great time, but unfortunately nobody remembered to take a group photo... oh well.

A big Thank You to MaceMan from Salina for putting on a fun KDGA Oz Tour tournament in the Abilene Shootout!

- - - ALSO - - -

On a different DFOK Club note, it was easy to see on the way out of town (on K-177 to Abilene) that the expansion area of Fairmont Park is looking really nice. My phone call to Riley County earlier in the week has already resulted in getting our expansion area mowed! That's right, no more waist tall grass down in those wooded meadows! This will help us play our TEMPORARY 9 layout, and more importantly make it much easier to design the PERMANENT 9 layout... Resulting in Fairmont being a full 18 hole course.

Well done DFOKers & stay Fanatical!


(Note: After seeing the final standings, 9 of the 28 participants were DFOK members. That's 32%)