Disc Fanatics of Kansas   May 24, 2012 at 9:45pm

Volunteers: Teach Disc Golf and/or Loan Discs?

Hello fellow Disc Fanatics of Kansas.

On Wednesday & Thursday of next week, the Tuttle Creek State Park staff will be hosting mini day camps for high school age 4Hers. During these day camps, they will be teaching the camp goers about some of the activities the Tuttle Creek State Park has to offer. Among those activities are disc golf.

Here's where you come in. I have been contacted to find out is any local disc golfers are interested teaching the basics of our sport to these day campers. At the very least the Tuttle Creek staff would like to borrow some discs from us to use for these day camps.

So, if you have some discs you would loan for the cause, please contact me. Of course, be sure the loaner discs are "disposable" because there's a chance some discs might get lost. I'll do my best to minimize the lost disc scenario... (keep reading) but there will be no gurartees you'll get all of your discs back.

Also, if you want to host/teach one or more of the sessions , here's the details.
The camps will take place on
Wed. May 30: 9:30a thru 11:30a, & 1:30a thru 3:30p.
Thur. May 31: 9:30a thru 11:30a, & 1:30a thru 3:30p

During those 2 hour sessions the State Parks people will rotate 4 different groups of approx. 12 kids through your station. In other words, you'll see 12 kids for 30 minutes, then 12 new kids for 30 minutes, so on & so on. Thus you will teach disc golf to
approx. 50 kids per session.

You don't have to work all four sessions to help. If you can only work one, or two, that is fine. All volunteers of all levels will help us put our best foot foreword.

If you're interested in volunteering your time, or just some old discs, please contact me (on the site or in person) ASAP. We'll work out the details from there.



p.s. Doing these little things for the community will help our chances of getting upgrades & expansions at our courses in the future.