Flint Town Flyerz   May 7, 2012 at 4:06pm

Dangerous Weather Rule Amendment

Ok, after thinking about it a little more than we did initially it was decided to make an amendment to to the League Rules, which are in affect for both Goldenrod and Holly.

If a league round is canceled in the middle of play due to bad/dangerous weather, those who placed a bet (paid $5) are already paid for the following week ONLY not a week of your choosing. This includes ace pool. The bets of those who were at the canceled round who can not make it to the following week will be added to that weeks payouts. Anyone who comes the following week who were not there or did not make a bet treats the week like normal.

If an ace is hit during the round but the round is canceled and not completed the ace pool does not get paid out.

*So if you paid last week @Goldenrod and you come out this week you are already in.