Disc Fanatics of Kansas   May 6, 2012 at 2:09am

DFOK Tuttle Creek Work Day - Great Success

Today was the day of the disc golf course work day at Manhattan's Tuttle Creek State Park River Pond course. Many needed improvements & maintenance issues were addressed by DFOK members today.

The issues addressed during today's work day were as follows:
The addition and/or restoring of many alternate pin placements.
- - New (or long lost) pin placements were set in new concrete.
- - Existing pin placements were re-set in new concrete.
- - Cleaning out the existing "muck" in many pin placements.
- - Repainting the bases in bright colors in hopes of them not being damaged (when not in use).
The installation of wood chips / mulch around the baskets & tee boxes.
The much needed total renovation of basket #3.
- - New properly sized chains
- - Pipe cut so the basket sets at the proper height
- - Converted from yellow to black color.
Repainted all the baskets with a new coat of black paint.
Repairs & improvements to all of the existing baskets.
- - Closed the infamous gaps in baskets by welding in additional bars.
- - Removed the wobble in the chain racks & baskets by welding them to then center pipe.
- - Either cut down in height, or adding a "bead" on the center pipe, to prevent them from setting too high or low.

Many area disc golfers pitched in at today's work day. The work started at approx. 8:30a & lasted until approx. 4:00p. Thanks to all the hard work by the members listed below, the Tuttle Creek River Pond Course is now in great condition, plus the spirit of the Disc Fanatics of Kansas is greater than ever. Well done everyone!

Rev. Kevin Clark
Mark Kewley
Thad Pultz
Bill Pryor
Austin Cranston
Daisuke Takahashi
Josh Carroll
Rick Petrie
Adam Johnson
John Helle
Ross Jones
Kirk Dimond
Bob Saber
Kevin Clouse
Bill Mitchell
Aaron Warnke
Kansas Chris

(Sorry if I forgot to list anyone)