PANAMA CITY CHAIN GANG   May 2, 2012 at 6:30pm


1. The purpose of the PCCG Bag Tag challenge is to encourage new and seasoned disc golfers to engage in friendly bag tag rounds.
2. Tags must be attached to your bags and carried wherever you are playing and must remain visible at all times.
3. You may challenge anyone carrying a tag regardless of how high the defender’s tag number is… (number 85 can challenge number 1).
4. The challenge must be accepted and played within 2 weeks or the defender must graciously forfeit his tag to the challenger.
5. If you MUST leave during a challenge round (for any reason) the defender must again give up his tag to the challenger. (Yes, dire emergencies are different.)
6. At all singles tournaments, tags will be surrendered to any Club Staff member and will be returned by score order after the tournament. Basically, any singles tournament is automatically a Bag Tag tournament for ALL club members in attendance.
7. Personal challenges must be made in person, by email, by phone or on the DiscgolfScene website. Do NOT rely on the website as some do not have constant access to computers or Internet. Phone calls are obviously best.
8. For personal challenges, the parties involved must come up with no less than 2 possible times and locations for the challenge. This will increase the chance that the challenge can be resolved.
9. Once the challenge has been played, results must be reported via whatever means necessary to Club Staff members so that the current rankings can be changed to reflect the challenge.
10. The challenging player determines the course and BOTH parties must agree on the number or rounds with a minimum of 9 holes (one round) being played.
11. Players that tie during a Bag Tag round or Personal Challenge will have a one hole playoff on Hole number one at their current location, closest to the pin wins the tie… OR if ALL parties involved in the tie agree, any hole can be chosen, closest to the pin determines the winner. If multiple players are involved, the closest distance to the pin wins the lowest tag number involved, second closest gets the next higher tag and so on…
12. All Bag Tag challenges must be scored on Scorecards
13. If you lose your tag you may purchase another one with the same number, at your cost.

These are simply guidelines… Plenty or revisions and rethinking and revamping for all kinds of potential scenarios are always possible. To be honest, the real intention is for all of us to have FUN and enjoy the fact that we have two courses here in Panama City and, as we have discovered by the turnout, there are a whole bunch of us that play Disc Golf!! Let’s get out there and play! Let’s promote the sport and watch it grow! In time, the activity will get more and more attention and we will be in a position to show that we are just as valuable to the community as softball or soccer or any other sport!