DISC GOLF OR DIE   January 31, 2012 at 10:56pm

DGOD! News 1/31/12

***Regisration now open***

The Matty O'pen! A Super Class Event @ Lunchtime DGC! One round from the long tees, one round from the short tees. Plus added holes and the NEW Lunchtime Baskets!
Includes Food(Beer 21 and over), DGOD! Zephyrs, Trophies, Scrip pay outs, and a donation to the Lunchtime Tee-pad Fund!

Register here:http://www.discgolfscene.com/tournaments/DGOD_Presents_The_Matty_Open_A_Super_Class_Event_2012

Or at discgolfordie.com

Only $25

$10= Player Pack/Trophies
$5 = Scrip pay outs From Sweet Plastic!(CFR, CE, Pro Line, first runs, etc.)
$5 = Food and Beverage(Beer included for those 21 and older)
$5 = Lunchtime Tee-Pad Fund

Here is a list of approved Super Class discs. These are the only discs allowed for use during this tournament...

This event is on St Patricks Day, which is also Noah B's 12th Birthday. There will be cake! Wear green! Happy Birthday Noah!

We will also try for our largest "Barley Mow" yet!(21 and over)

Thanks to the Matty O'pen "TD"... Matty O'!!!!

Hope to see you there!

SUPER Sloppy Sunday! This Sunday!
One round of Random draw doubles @ Lunchtime. 2/5/12 @ 12:30pm. $5+1, 15 holes, lots of CTPs! TD Vince Epker.
Lets kick off Sloppy Sundays in style! This will not be part of the Sloppy Sundays League, but it will be a great test run, and alot of fun!
More info on the Sloppy Sundays League Here: http://www.discgolfscene.com/leagues/DGOD_Sloppy_Sundays_2012
Please be curtious and respect the Church members who might still be in the parking lots.