Capital City Disc Golf Club   December 16, 2011 at 2:58am


We had a great turnout, 58 players competed. 33 in Amature, 3 Junior, 7 Open and 15 in Masters.
Open division winner Chris Wilcox 95, 2nd Ryan Gwillim 104, 3rd Marshall Dunst 105, 4th David Smith 110, 5th Barron Miller 116, 6th Beast Johnston 128 and 7th Doug Luther 150.

Junior division winner Corbin Littrell 170, 2nd Isaiah Tormis 171 and 3rd Skyler Johnston only played first round.

Masters division winner Barry Bolliger 107, 2nd Kevin Allen 109, 3rd Ron Owings 112, 4th Vince Epker 117, 5th Chris F. "Big Dog" 119, 6th (2 way tie) Thomas "TD" and Joe Higgins 120, 8th (3 way tie) Tracy Blankenship, Robert Jones and Swami Swanson 122, 11th John Koskela 124, 12th Steve Moore125, 13th Ed Johnson 133, 14th Chris McRae 138 and Mike Tilley 142.

Amature division winner Quinn Moore 111 ( 2 way tie for first, won playoff), 2nd Justin Holton 111, 3rd Gavin Raney 114, 4th (3 way tie) "Stinky" Coons, Tyler Franklin, and Dallas Trower 116, 7th Greg ONeil 117, 8th (3 way tie) Brent Cameron, Jason Fillis and Lee Hartman 118, 11th Vance Tormis 121, 12th Erik Etherton 122, 13th James Medley 123, 14th (3 way tie) Bryan Van Fleet, Kody Hecht and Hayden ? 124, 17th (2 way tie) Todd Griffin and Scotish Rob Littrell 125, 20th Connie VanKauwenberg 127, 21st Scott Evavold 128, 22nd (2 way tie) Kevin Goth and Jeff Nichols 131, 24th Kain Tormis 132, 25th Kevin OConnor 134, 26th Josh Marcella 136, 27th Nathan Cameron 137, 28th (2 way tie) Rob Deen and Jake Harden 139, 30th Chuck Nichols 145. Three players were unable to finish tournament Casey Miller, Ryan Nordhagen and Chris Wendlandt.

Thanks to everyone for playing in our tournament.

If any names misspelled, sorry, contact me and I'll correct them.