Motor City Chain Gang   November 6, 2011 at 11:42pm

Post Turkey events...

Wow! The weekend was a blast.
Big SHOUT OUT to Sunnybrook for allowing us to play on their property and use their golf carts.
Big THANK YOU to our sponsor Discraft!
Again, thank you to everyone who played, we hope you had fun.
Thanks to everyone who kicked in helping install and then take down the course, almost twice in 2 days: Mike Henry, Jay Binienda, Rob Stivers, Dan Bienkowski, Ryan Quackenbush, Bill Sicora (special kudos to Bill for returning my keys), and Josh Schulte just to name a few.
Dan James did a great TD job as usual and the guys behind the table doing scorecards and keeping the flow of the event going were amazing: Damon Evans, Rooster, Aaron Nitz, and BMan.
Now, Monday evening, November 7th is the 1st night of the Sunnybrook Indoor Putting. Reg time is 5:30 pm. Cost: $5 per person
Saturday, November 12th is the 1st Bobis of the year. Reg time at Addison will be 12:30, tee off shortly after 1 pm. Cost: $5 per person, $1 Ace Pool