Black & White   November 5, 2011 at 4:54am

News from HQ

For those of you that don't catch the news from the website itself I figured I would throw this in here so everyone is informed for upcoming club decisions, I don't want anyone to be left out:

There has been a lot of new things happening on the site lately and all for the better. We have added a bunch of new discs and some new ones with custom dyes as well. Right now the dyes are on their way out but we are still perfecting the process. The gang is testing when we can to make the process work flawlessly and learn every step of the way while having fun. Anyone can have a custom dye done, just send an email or hop on the forum.

Also right around the corner is the start of the Skins Seasons 2. November 19th we will be getting together to set things off for another great season of skins disc golf. With bigger numbers the prizes will be larger and the competition will be tougher we hope to see everyone out there to play in the challenge. Also with the talk of the season starting up soon there is a Bag Tag tournament in the works to keep an eye out for. It is in development and will require input from the members on. When more details are available they will be posted.

I wish more updates could happen more frequently but I find myself disc golfing more than I probably should. Definitely more to come…as long as the golfing isn’t good!