Disc Fanatics of Kansas   October 21, 2011 at 7:13am

Disc Golf in K-State Newspaper

Last nights Warner Wednesday drew the attention of more than just disc golfers.

The Kansas State Collegian, which is the K-State student newspaper, sent Evert Nelson to Warner Park to cover our sport. The result was a nice looking disc golf reference across the top of the front page, plus a full page spread in the middle of the paper.

To summarize, the K-State Collegian writer/photographer followed Mr. Clouse, Mr. Carroll & Mr. Mathewson for part of their round, plus added some information below each photo. Result: More positive publicity for our sport of DISC GOLF. Well done guys!

To see the media coverage for yourself, go here http://issuu.com/Ecollegian/docs/10.20.11/7