Erie Disc Golf Club   September 27, 2011 at 3:16am

Churchville DG Review

Three trees perfectly spaced out thirty feet in front of me, hiding a basket 300 feet behind that. My first opinion was,” it should be a blast; I’m just going to slice through the opening.” After getting denied thirty feet from the tee on hole one, I tried to step up my game. However like anytime we play a new course someone lost a disc and I gave up keeping score.

The general review of this course is 4 out of 5 discs. Churchville is a great place; the townspeople are happening, a very involved community and there is a beautiful park where the course is located. On the other hand I began to get frustrated because we couldn’t find the right parking lot. The directions I got from PDGA’s website took us to the wrong parking lot. The lot that you want is singed “east & west lodges”. Once on the course, the game was as usual until the loss of a Champion Orc on hole 2. It was also upsetting because the course is separated by a commonly traveled road. A couple holes were played close to the road, which was a distraction. Once we reached hole 6, the game was on! Holes 6 through 15 were great! Long gradual slopes in the park partnered with blotches of trees here and there made it awesome. A few of the shots were great mid-range wooded shots. All was good till we reached “the walk”. The walk between holes 15 and 16 was at least 500 feet along the road. Then once you finished 16, you had to cross the street again to finish the last two beautiful holes. As usual hole 18 drops you off in the parking lot. “Day well spent. I guess.”