Disc Fanatics of Kansas   September 13, 2011 at 6:13pm

New Mowing Pattern at Warner Park!

If you happened to play Warner Park yesterday, this may be old news. Otherwise you're going to want to keep reading.

The SHORT version is as follows: YESTERDAY, the City of Manhattan Parks & Rec. department mowed a large part of the Warner Park disc golf course. No, not all the tall grass has been cut. However, a substantial volume of it is gone. Mark and I were involved in getting this done so we're sure you'll like the improvements.

The LONG version is as follows: As you may know, until this year the current disc golf course area, also known as "Little Warner" has been cut & bailed for hay in late summer each year (for many, many years). Unfortunately, this year that local farmer decided that he was no longer interested in this hay. Presumably because there is not as much hay as there was prior to installing the disc golf course. This change in mowing/haying determination did not develop until early August.

Since the determination was made to no longer cut the hay, Mark and I have been "negotiating" with the Parks & Rec. staff to get a new (more disc golf friendly) mowing pattern/design. No it is not exactly as we requested, however it is very nice and we suspect disc golfers of all levels will enjoy this new mowing pattern/design.

So, feel free to spread the word "They Mowed Warner".

Later, Rick