Tampa Disc Slingers   August 29, 2011 at 12:09am

Dan Harvey Wins Season 1 Championship

The heavy winds, wet terrain, and raised water level, plagued Youth Park and anyone who decided to challenge the course. Vinny, Dan, Will, and Victor were present and ready to play for the championship.

The wind immediately played a key role as the scores got bad really fast. After the first 2 holes, Vinny and Dan sat with a +1 while Will and Victor trailed at +3. Everyone started to calm down and make shots on the front 9, but the back is when the wind picked back up and caused strange things to happen to the lighter discs.

After 9 holes:
Vinny Piperato +2
Dan Harvey +2
Will Parson +5
Victor Millar +7

Victor and Will seemed all but done after the first 9 holes, but they maintained during the second half of play and slowed down the bleeding on the course with a better performance. It was Vinny and Dan that started slipping as the winds from Hurricane Irene continued to cause interference. After 16 holes, the competition became a lot closer.

After 16 holes:
Vinny Piperato +6
Dan Harvey +6
Will Parson +7
Victor Millar +10

With only 2 holes to go, Victor became a spectator and began rooting for Will. Hole 17 gave Vinny another bogey, while Dan and Will finished with par. Now it was up to the 18th and final hole to decide the winner and champion.

After 17 holes:
Dan Harvey +6
Will Parson +7
Vinny Piperato +7
Victor Millar +11

Vinny was unable to get a great tee shot or second shot to get back into the running and force a playoff, and fell apart. Dan and Will had great layup shots and were both put into great position to finish with a par. Dan was further away with a 15 footer. All he has to do is put the disc into the basket and it's all over. He lines up and throws a dart right on target, sinking the putt and claiming the Disc Slingers Season 1 title.

With the future of the club looking bleak, Dan will most likely become the second and final champion. If there is another season, he will not return for another season. Congrats Dan and good luck in your future endeavors.