Quack Pack   August 22, 2011 at 6:35am

Quackin in 2011

Quack Pack is officially online! Was told by Brandon Oleskie that DG Scene is the Facebook for Disc Golf. Figured our group that we play with each and every week needed a place here! We play just about every Sunday at 8am @ Stoney Creek's "The Buckhorn" DGC. Sometimes we travel to other courses which include but not limited to Grizzly Oaks @ OU, Firefighters in Troy, Riverbends in Shelby and even sometimes out to HollyWoods in Holly. Not so much Holly anymore since the little run in with the DNR. DNR seem to be some disc golf haters! "HollyWoods is a family park!" Hopefully all of members follow me in signing up here!