Tampa Disc Slingers   August 3, 2011 at 5:25pm

Playoffs Begin at Youth Park

Vinny Piperato has finished the regular season in 1st place and has selected Youth Park as the battlefield. 10 will enter, but only 6 will advance to the semi-final round. Who will advance? Here are your combatants:

#1 Vinny Piperato – Defending Champion. He heads into the postseason looking to repeat as champion. So far, Vinny is a favorite to be seen playing for the title in the championship round. He has been stumbling on his throwing accuracy lately... something he will need to nail down before getting too far into the playoffs and falling short.

#2 Dan Harvey – He has become a threat as of late now that his throwing accuracy is getting back to the way it was towards the end of last season. He is another favorite to be seen playing for the title. Dan came extremely close to taking the championship last year when he battled back to tie with Vinny, but lost in sudden death. He looks to change the outcome this year.

#3 Will Parson – He brings a graceful game comprised of accuracy and a disc arsenal that is capable of winning championships. If there was an award for most improved player, Will would be the undisputed winner. He has won the last 2 events and has great momentum heading into the playoffs. He is another favorite to be seen playing for the title.

#4 Chris Meyer – He is very capable of moving into the next round, but has been recently hit with a injury that will have him side-lined for a while. Chris is an animal that loves pain, but he is listed as "doubtful" and will most likely be eliminated. Get well Chris.

#5 Victor Millar– He is getting better and better after the purchase of a new and improved disc arsenal. Victor is not listed as a favorite, but could easily prove otherwise with a strong showing at his home course. He hasn't played in a while, but that shouldn't stop him from advancing to the semi-final round.

#6 Chris Sikes – A big question next to this name. Will be able to post a score in time? Which Chris will show up... the Chris that finished the front 9 at USF with a +1 or the Chris that has been struggling in his recent rounds of play? Can he pull it together and move into the next round?

#7 Greg Baker-Fitzgerald – He is a strong player and is considered the 4th and final favorite to be seen playing in the championship round. There is only one problem... Greg has only showed up to club outings on opening day back in April. Will he be able to make it to Youth Park this week or is his busy schedule going to get the best of him? Vinny will be hoping he doesn't show up since Greg has the potential to take the crown.

#8 Joe Mangrum – He hasn't been around lately. All he has to do is show up and compete at Youth Park this week and his skill should take him into the next round. Let's see if he makes it to the course.

#9 Brandon Smith – He hasn't been around either. Hopefully Brandon makes it to the course.

#10 Greg Cook – He has picked up on the game fast and can get into the semi-final round with a decent showing at Youth Park. Greg should be able to make it to the course this weekend.