DISC GOLF OR DIE   May 2, 2011 at 8:43pm

2011 Lunchtime League starts May 16th!

Every week will be a huge DGOD! tag match! Plus, From Sam:

"Almost everything that you know and love about Lunchtime League will be the same this year with the following exceptions:

1. Ace Pot will not be capped. While this led to issues in the past with regulars not getting in, once this year's Ace Pot exceeds $150, we will do registration not based on first-come, first-served but based on how many weeks you have attended. For example, week 4 of the season we have an ace pot at $164. Those who have attended the previous three weeks will have top priority to enter. Those who have attended two of the previous three will have second priority. Those who have attended one will have next and those who show up for the first time will fill out our field.

2. The church has stated that dinner will be a more regular thing this season than in seasons' past. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to the Greater Portland Bible Church for their continued support of this league as well as disc golf in general.

3. We will cap the field at 80 players and we will be playing two additional holes every week! After playing hole 3 and prior to playing hole 4, we will have two additional holes in the parking lot - a la the Ice Bowl layout. Hole 3a will play towards teepad 9 from the parking lot. Hole 3b will play back towards teepad 4 to an island green surrounded by OB.

As usual, this will be a handicapped league which costs $5 for entry. There will be an optional $1 ace pot. Sign-ups in the beginning of the year will be 5pm-5:30pm with player's meeting at 5:45pm and tee shortly thereafter."

Thanks Sam, this year will be amazing! And watch out for Dan B Jr. going for back to back league championships!
If anyone has any questions let me know!