DISC GOLF OR DIE   April 28, 2011 at 12:05am

DGOD! Mega Tag...

This DGOD! Tag season will work just like last season(no rules, just play your damn tag!) With one exception; The top 20 tags are pink. And if you win a match with a pink tag, 5, 10, 15, or 20 times, you're going to win prizes!... More wins = better prizes. BUT, all matches must be varified on Disc Golf Scene and approved by me. i.e. you cant play your little sister or your newbie friend 20 times and think you're going to win something. BUT, you can carry over pink tag wins. i.e. i lost my pink tag to Billy and i already had 2 wins with it. Then i won Bobbys pink tag and got 3 wins with it. Thats 5 wins with a pink tag and i win a prize: mini, sticker etc. But my wins go back to zero. Or, i could keep going until i get 10 wins and get a better prize: Disc, mini. 15 wins: shirt, mini, sticker. 20 wins: Hat, disc... and so on
Be sure to enter all matches played. Thats a mando! Every tag match must be entered in a timely fashion. Only one person needs to enter scores for a group. most people know how this works. But if you dont, please let me know. If you do, help spread the word.
Groups count as 1 win and only the winner in the group will get the win.
Tags will be available at lunchtime league every monday @5:15 starting May 16th. And from me anytime... starting next week.

It will be fair, and the prizes will be sweet! The tags are beautiful and we're ready to roll! Any questions let me know!
Welcome to the DGOD! Mega Tag!