Tampa Disc Slingers   April 18, 2011 at 6:12pm

Mid-April Rankings

The Tampa Disc Slingers’ first release of current rankings for club’s first season. There are still many individuals that need to post a score. The next rankings release at the end of the month should produce a dramatic change to the leader board:

#1 Vinny Piperato (150 pts) – He picks up right where he left off last season… on top of the leader board. In 3 events, Vinny has taken first place points for all 3. The only problem with that is the fact that there are still many talented members that need to take on the same events. Vinny will be keeping his fingers crossed as he hopes that his top scores hold up against the onslaught of talent.

#2 Victor Millar (138 pts) – No one expected this. After a huge upgrade to his disc arsenal, Victor showed up to USF and ended up in a 3-way tie for 1st place. With other good scores from Youth Park, he has earned his spot at a career best #2 rank. Can he keep the train moving into the playoffs and become a favorite to win it all?

#3 Dan Harvey (130 pts) – He captures an early spot on the podium even after a sub-par performance during his first event at Youth Park. Dan has been showing improvement over the past 2 events by getting his game back on track. He will need to keep up the intensity if he wants to be hanging around these top spots for a while.

#4 Chris Meyer (92 pts) – He shows up with the same degraded disc arsenal as last year, but that didn’t seem to hinder his play at all. He was able to capture a 2nd and 4th place during his 2 events. Just imagine how big of a threat he could be if there were a few more weapons at his disposal.

#4 Greg Baker-Fitzgerald (92 pts) – As promised, he makes his Tampa Disc Slinger debut with authority. After 2 events, he also scores a 2nd and 4th place finish, putting him in a tie for the #4 spot. Greg is also a member with a depleted arsenal. People would have every right to be nervous if Greg decided to show up with better discs.

#6 Brandon Smith (50 pts) – Only 1 event recorded so far, but he makes it count as he scores a tie for 1st place. As predicted, Brandon comes out early in the season and makes a statement. The challenge will be if he can keep up this great forward momentum and carry himself all the way into the post season, or will he come up short yet again? Let’s see if he can prove the field wrong by capturing another 1st place finish.

#7 Joe Mangrum (46 pts) – If only he made his score at USF actually count for the record. That is what Joe is telling himself right now as he would have taken sole possession of 1st place for the first event at USF, which would have moved him into the #4 spot. At least he now knows that he can compete even with a sore back, so expect him to be playing for points very soon.

#8 Scott Artal (0 pts) – He hasn’t been out to an event yet, but his time is coming very soon. Where will he be sitting come June?

#8 Keith Sikes (0 pts) – He hasn’t been out to an event yet. With his brother Chris returning next week, we can expect Keith to return to the course sometime soon.

#8 Bryan Pieper (0 pts) – He hasn’t been out to an event yet. Bryan is not expected to debut until sometime in June.

#8 Brian Smith (0 pts) – He hasn’t been out to an event yet. Brian is not expected to debut until sometime in June.

#8 Will Parson (0 pts) – This is one of life’s greatest mysteries. How is that Will sits at the bottom of the list and when is he going to show up to an event? There is currently no word on when he’s expected to make his debut.

#8 Adam Wojdakowski (0 pts) - He didn’t make it to an event last year. Will he finally break ground this year?

#8 Jason Mayer (0 pts) - The newest member of the club. His debut is expected sometime this month. According to sources, Jason has the potential to make a ripple early. Will he be seen playing along side the club’s elite and competing for the title in October?

#8 Chris Sikes (0 pts) - The one that had a playoff spot in his grasp last year, only to see it get taken away just a few weeks before the season ended. Chris is focused this year and does not intend on giving up a playoff spot so easily. He has gone as far lifting weights to the point where his physique has changed from Average Joe to Globo Gym Pro. How will this change affect his game? He hopes for positive results. Let’s see what happens when he makes his debut in a few weeks.