Disc Fanatics of Kansas   April 18, 2011 at 8:13am

Severe Weather Rules

As you might have heard at the closing of last weeks round, we've established some "Severe Weather Cancellation" rules for league nights at Warner Park.

Weather WARNING = League Night CANCELED.
Weather WATCH = League Night SHORTENED (only 9 holes).

The above described rules will apply if a Severe Thunderstorm Warning OR a Tornado Warning is in effect in Riley or Geary County, at league start time (5:30pm). If the National Weather Service allows an alert to officially "expire" by the league start time, league will still be held as if the alert is still in effect. (Sorry, but it's just simpler to do it this way.)

Not sure where to look for Weather Alerts? Try these sources:

Why Geary county too? We have multiple players that drive from Geary county, plus most of our storms come through Geary county right before they hit Warner Park.