DISC GOLF OR DIE   March 31, 2011 at 7:57pm

Volunteer for the Beaver State Fling!

From Coury Coates:

"All hands on board!!

It's time again for the biggest and baddest tournament of the year to grace our slice of disc golf heaven: the 2011 BSF sponsored by Keen!

As everyone knows, great tournaments require the assistance of great volunteers and this here email serves as the Official Call out for Volunteers.

Many details will follow as they become ironed out to a starchy fashion but as we know now, people are needed as spotters, traffic controllers, crowd control as well as course and Tournament Central setter uppers. This year we will need volunteers for the one weekend of June 24-26th and this will be a combined BSF for the ages.

I along with the help of many other smart and talented people (Murray the Brit, Ol' Bob along w/the careful guidance of the Jeff's and Flash) will be coordinating volunteers for this fantastic disc golf weekend.

If you, or any other selfless and fantastic person you know, would like to help please email me at [email redacted] w/the following info:

Days available (Fri, Sat or Sun)
Email address
Phone #

I and/or others will be contacting you and scheduling you for duties in the months to come and more details on volunteer perks.

If you have have any questions feel free to contact me at the above stated email address.

Thanks for your support!

Coury Coates"

So... If you're available contact Coury or send me your info and i'll pass it along. Dont miss this epic event!