DISC GOLF OR DIE   March 16, 2011 at 11:15pm

Breaking News!!!

From Bob Horning to everyone:
"Over the last 3 years we have been collecting lost discs, calling folks and re-calling folks. Most discs are picked up in a timely manner, while other seem to be here a while (some for over 2 years now).

Beginning with this tournament(DGOD! Save the Sausage Guy) we will start taking any disc that has been in storage for over 6 months and sell them for a flat $5. These funds will be tracked and applied to course improvements, such as the new cement tee pads for Highlands. So if you are in need of some discs be aware that we will have quite the variety available.

Thank YOU Bob!!!

Also, many people have asked me about paying with cash for the DGOD! Bandit BBQ Blowout. so i will be excepting cash registrations saturday 3/19 at the lunchtime work party, and sunday 3/20 at "save the sausage guy" @ Hornings. secure your spot this weekend!

*Bandit BBQ disc choices(3 to choose from) will be posted soon*