Tampa Disc Slingers   August 10, 2011 at 7:00pm

TDS Season 1 Championship Set For Youth Park

The final 4 are ready and pumped for the Tampa Disc Slingers' final event. The place of battle has been selected by 1st place finisher Vinny Piperato. He has made Youth Park the location where he will defend his title. The selection makes perfect sense as that is the only place where Vinny remains undefeated and averages a +3.33 per round. The hill to climb for his opponents will be a little steep when going up against statistics like that, but they are up for the challenge and are ready to lay it all out there as they attempt to make history. Here is the breakdown of the final 4:

#1 Vinny Piperato - The defending champion and looks to repeat the title. He will attempt to become the only champion that the Tampa Disc Slingers has ever known. Vinny has been practicing his short game on the beach of Daytona and has even replaced his lost champion groove with another champion groove, giving him the hammer lock on hyzer throws once more. Can he throw one more incredible round at Youth Park and take home the gold?

#2 Dan Harvey - He has been to the championship once before and will use that veteran experience to remain cool and poised during the final round. There is no word yet as to whether or not he has found a replacement for his lost Star TL. He can at least look forward to getting his DX Beast back at the start of the championship. Dan pushed Vinny to the limit twice now... both occasions were during the playoffs. He is 0-2 in overtime matches against the champ, but will look to make it count this time if it comes down to sudden death.

#3 Will Parson - A decent round last week with a +5. He will tweak his game play in the areas that went wrong and will come back with a solid showing. He was in the championship last year and fell short by 1 stroke. With 2 wins this year and solid game play last year, Will demonstrates the potential to threaten for the title. Does he fall short this year as well or does he become the club's second champion?

#4 Victor Millar - The dark horse to win the championship. He enters the final round with heavy competition to his left and right. Victor does have a few things going for him that makes him a contender... 1) Youth Park is his back yard and has the potential to practice there whenever he wants... 2) He finished the front 9 last week with a +2, which demonstrates that he at least has what it takes to hang... 3) He recently discovered the forehand shot and can throw nearly twice as far as his traditional backhand. If he can become familiar with the forehand and raise the accuracy, then his threat for the title dramatically increases.

The title is up for grabs with a competition so even in skill. Who emerges victorious and takes home the championship?