Disc Headz   January 29, 2011 at 8:03am

2011 Membership

New London Disc Golf Club ( Disc Headz)

Director - Don Newbury

Disc Headz was formed in 2009. We promote health and fitness within

the county and everywhere we throw, and to get players to meet new

people to disc with, to introduce more player to Hatten Park, to help

keep the Hatten park a play for free park. Promoting a non-hostile

atmosphere and to give back to the discing community.WE are also

promoting enhancement to improve Hatten Park in New London and

development of additional courses throughout Waupaca County.

Leagues, tournament , special events and planned. Membership is

$25.00 per year. With your membership you will receive, Disc

Headz's member bag tags, 7% discount on all disc and 10% off all Disc

Headzs tournaments and a voice in discing at Hatten, up coming

tournaments and voting rights within the Club, also Ace club, Disc

Headz lost and found (MIA), some sponsorship may be awarded,

and more to come. Anyone interested in playing, practicing, group

workshops for youth groups, charity tournament planning, competitive

play. Pay your dues today and get started and become a club member.

If not interested in club membership you can still be a web member for

free. Contact us with any questions, you may have they are wanted