Tampa Disc Slingers   November 7, 2010 at 6:20pm

Early November Rankings

The last tournament is in the books and the regular season for our Beta year has come to a close. There is only 1 person eligible to make up rounds and compete for a spot in the championship. Here is how the rankings currently stand:

#1 Vinny Piperato (77 pts) – Clinched a spot in the Championship. Clinched the #1 Position. 74 guaranteed points thus far. With the top spot secure, Vinny chooses Tocobaga for the location of the championship battle. He is the club's record holder for Limona, USF, and Buckhorn.

#2 Dan Harvey (46 pts)- Clinched a spot in the Championship. 39 guaranteed points thus far. After a second place finish in the final tournament, he has accrued enough points to secure a spot in the championship. Dan can sit back and improve his game for the next few weeks.

#3 Will Parson (44 pts) – Clinched a spot in the Championship. 41 guaranteed points thus far. He gets out to the course and takes a silver in Weekly Informal 8. Now with more guaranteed points than Joe, Will clinches spot #3. He can sit back and enjoy the next few weeks before taking on a fierce competition in the Championship.

#4 Joe Mangrum (44 pts)- 37 guaranteed points thus far. Now with Will leap frogging over him, Joe sees himself at a slight risk of losing a spot in the final. He will know if his performances were good enough in 1 more week. Until then, he will be seen getting ready for the final showdown.

#5 Brandon Smith (31 pts)- Eliminated from the Championship. Failed to take points in his final tournament, which didn’t matter once Will was able to take points and get out of reach. He will now have plenty of time to get his integrity, sportsmanship, and throwing tweaked.

#6 Chris Sikes (29 pts) – Eliminated from the Championship. He takes points in the final tournament, but not enough to capture a top 4 spot.

#7 Chris Meyer (22 pts)- 22 guaranteed points thus far. His work is cut out for him. He has 3 tournaments to make up… and needs to post great scores in all 3 in order to take a top 4 position. It all begins with Weekly Informal 3. If Chris can’t place in that tournament, he will not be able to capture enough to get into the final dance. All eyes are on him now. Can he pull of a miracle and compete in the championship?

#8 Victor Millar (8 pts)- Eliminated from the championship. He failed to make up any of his many rounds.

#9 Scott Artal (4 pts)- Eliminated from the championship.

#9 Keith Sikes (4 pts)- Eliminated from the championship.

#11 Matt Massuto (1 pt)- Eliminated from the championship.