Shawks Disc Golf Club   October 29, 2010 at 7:20am

Fall Shawktacular - Rounds 7, 8 and 9 Complete!!!

I’m back from my 2 week Shawktacular hiatus! So without further ado I’ll get to the news of the last few weeks!!!

Round 7 Results (October 14)
There were only 2 Shawks brave enough to battle horrendous weather on this the rainiest and windy of fall days. John shot a rock solid 65 while Jen, our only Lady Shawk shot a personal best round of 73! Way to represent guys and congrats Jen on a great score!!!

Round 8 Results (October 21)
Even though the weather was much better, both league co-founders couldn’t make this weeks outing. It appears some solid frolf was played all Shawks in attendance with 3 players breaking 60!!! Colby made his second appearance of the season and handily crushed everyone shooting a 50!!!! Ben and Travis were in pursuit shooting 56 and 59 respectively!!! Solid rounds by everyone!!!

Round 9 Results (October 28)
2 Groups of 4 played this week as this was by far the most competitive round of the season! 7 Shawks were within 5 shots of the lead which was shot by Rich (59) and Jen, our Lady Shawk, was only 12 shots off the lead with another personal best score (71)! Wow!! So Cool! Great Job Everyone!! This is why we started the league and it’s so awesome to see how it's evolved!! Have a great week everyone and remember that next week will be the last Thursday meeting before daylight savings time; after which we’ll be playing Saturdays until the season ends on Dec. 9th.