Tampa Disc Slingers   October 16, 2010 at 3:22am

Mid October Rankings #2

We approach the final week of the regular season. These next 7 days will be jammed packed with makeup rounds at Limona and Buckhorn as well as the last regular season tournament on Saturday. As we come around the home stretch, only a few points separate the pack. What happens this week will determine who plays in November and who packs it up and prepares for next season.

#1 Vinny Piperato (77 pts) – Clinched a spot in the Championship. Clinched the #1 Position. He has accumulated 68 guaranteed points; a score that no one can catch this season. He will not be playing in TDS Tournament 3. With the top spot secure, Vinny gets to choose where the championship is played at. Sources are saying that he will not choose a course that the club has played at during the season. He is the club's record holder for Limona, USF, and Buckhorn.

#2 Dan Harvey (39 pts)- After another trophy on his last makeup round, he has finally earned enough points to take the second best spot. He sits with 27 guaranteed points. Many scenarios can happen that would allow Dan to play in the championship. The easiest way is for him to win the last tournament. He is 1 of the remaining 3 that controls their own destiny.

#3 Will Parson (37 pts)- Even with 10 points stolen from him last week, Will bounces back and captures a bronze on his last USF tournament makeup. He now sits pretty with 34 guaranteed points, which is currently the second highest. The only thing he needs to do in order to secure a playoff spot is medal in both of his last 2 tournaments. Will is 1 of the remaining 3 that controls their own destiny.

#4 Joe Mangrum (34 pts) – He gets knocked back a little from a makeup round this week, but not enough to send him into turmoil. He sits with 25 guaranteed points. Joe is currently the member with the most points at stake due to a few makeup rounds still in play. He is going to have to finish in the top 2 for TDS Tournament 3, and then hope that Chris Sikes, Chris Meyer, and Brandon Smith all shoot blanks on their opportunities to capture points. Joe is looking at 2 major obstacles on the road to the championship. The first obstacle is for Chris Sikes to shoot worse than +14 in Disc Slinger Doubles 1.

#5 Brandon Smith (31 pts)- He was in a playoff spot for a week at the #3 position. After losing 2 points to a makeup round and others jumping ahead, Brandon sees himself knocked out of a top 4 position. To make matters worse, he only has 24 of his points guaranteed. He is going to have to hope that Chris Sikes fails to knock him out of Disc Slinger Doubles 1, and then respond with a win at TDS Tournament 3. It also wouldn’t hurt if his competition fails on stealing anymore of his points.

#6 Chris Sikes (24 pts) – He can see the doors closing on his opportunity of playing in November. He must capture a medal in Disc Slinger Doubles 1, and then play like a champ in TDS Tournament 3. Failing to convert points in any of these tournaments will spell elimination. 22 out of his 24 points are guaranteed, so at least he doesn’t need to worry about someone knocking him out of the competition. Can he pull through in the clutch and make the improbable happen?

#7 Chris Meyer (22 pts)- Little will be known about the conclusion of his season until he returns in early November. All 22 of his points are guaranteed and he still has to post scores for 3 tournaments. Chris is the only person left in the club that could end up being a one-man wrecking crew if he comes back and steals points in all 3 tournaments. Only time will tell. He is 1 of the remaining 3 that controls their own destiny.

#8 Victor Millar (8 pts)- It seems that he has thrown in the towel by not showing up for any of his makeup rounds at USF. Mathematically, he still has a chance to take points and play in November. Realistically, it’s only a matter of time before he’s eliminated.

#9 Scott Artal (4 pts)- Eliminated from the championship. He only has 2 tournaments left to take points, which will not be enough. Be careful with this guy next season when the group handicaps are in place.

#10 Keith Sikes (3 pts)- Eliminated from the championship. He does not have enough tournaments left to accumulate the points needed for a top 4 spot. He has not confirmed on whether or not he will be playing next year.

#11 Matt Massuto (1 pt)- Eliminated from the championship. He was unable to make up any of his 4 rounds for USF. He has thrown in the towel for the Beta Season. Maybe we will see him compete in Season 1? He hasn’t confirmed yet.