PDGC Parma Disc golf club   October 12, 2010 at 10:22pm

OMG Its Really happening......

The Poles are set! Yeah! Jim and I spent most of the day clearing fairways and greens.
The city will mulch greens and clear brush the remainder of the week near the end of the week
the baskets will go in. We have a few things to do as well.
To do list
hole 2 tee pad needs acetone and wire brushed
hole 3 bench needs secured
hole 4 brush piles needs removed from fairway
hole 11, 2 islands on the left need prickers removed, sticks from removed tree needs cleared from fairway
hole 12 tee area fairway and landing area cleared or brush and prickers, jim and i hit the gren hard today
hole 13 bench needs secured, dead sticks removed from fairway, behind basket needs cleared
hole 14 a few small trees and brush on the right side needs cleared
hole 15 bench needs secured fairway left of path to the triangle needs cleared big time, right side widened up to the fallen tree
hole 16 bench needs securedfairway widened, just bruch cleared from green area leave the small trees
hole 17 fairway needs a bit more clearing
hole 18 bench needs to be made tee area needs worked on a bit more

as you see we are far from done, and those who offered to help, Iwill be up at the course all week after work and during when i can get away. So dont be strangers lend a hand, an hour of your time will go a long way.
216 857 1545 give me a call if your headed up.
I posted a couple photos on the course page

Thanks to you all for making this happen