Tampa Disc Slingers   October 4, 2010 at 11:47pm

Top 5 in Danger of Losing Points

This week will host 1 makeup round from Buckhorn and 2 makeup rounds from Limona. With many members having to post scores for these rounds, the top 3 finishers from each tournament are in serious trouble...

#1 Vinny Piperato (10 pts) - He posted a +12 at Weekly Informal 5, which was good enough to win. The only problem is that there are 3 members that need to post scores for that tournament... and all 3 are capable of delivering a score much better. Vinny, you will most likely be seen with 1 less tournament win by the end of the week.

#2 Will Parson (10 pts) - He holds the 3rd place trophies for both Weekly Informal 5 with a +14, and Disc Slinger Doubles 1 with a +16. These scores have a 99.9% chance of falling out of the top 3 due to the powerful members that still need to make up those rounds. If Will is sent back 10 points, he is going to have to post a decent score in his remaining tournaments if he wants to play in November.

#3 Joe Mangrum (7 pts) - Another member that holds an OK 2nd place score in Disc Slinger Doubles 1 with a +15. There are too many good members that need to make up that tournament. Even with a 7 point set back, Joe will still be able to make it to the championship with a win at TDS Tournament 3.

#4 Chris Sikes (14 pts) - This will be an absolute nightmare if he loses both silvers from Weekly Informal 5 and Weekly Informal 8. The reality is that these points can be taken away, which will cripple his chances of going to the championship... unless he posts ridiculous scores for the 2 tournaments he has left.

#5 Brandon Smith (7 pts) - He posted a decent score of -1 at Weekly Informal 8. There's still good players making up that tournament, and possess that skill of taking that silver away. With only 2 tournaments left and still 5 points away from the top 4, he does not need someone stealing points from him right now.

The championship round will begin to take shape after this week. People will be eliminated and at least 1 person will clinch a spot for November. Can these top 4 maintain their positions, or will there be change?