Tampa Disc Slingers   October 2, 2010 at 6:39pm

Early October Rankings

Another productive week of makeup rounds for the club. The result, another major shift in the rankings. The battle for a chance to play in the championship continues. There are 3 members threatening for a top 4 spot. Nobody has clinched a playoff berth… nobody has been eliminated.

#1 Vinny Piperato (80 pts) - Has not mathematically clinched, but now sits with 20 guaranteed points. He will have to sit for another week and wait for the outcome of the Limona makeup rounds. He is the club's record holder for Limona, USF, and Buckhorn.

#2 Will Parson (39.5 pts)- With the help of other members knocking Chris Sikes backwards, Will reclaims the #2 spot. He came up short on 1 of his makeup rounds this week, but still has the opportunity to make up Weekly Informal 8 and TDS Tournament 1. These are tournaments that he can place in and rack up some points. Can he keep it together and maintain his place in the top 4?

#3 Joe Mangrum (35 pts) – Even though he’s been knocked backwards from makeup rounds, Joe was able to earn enough points early to keep himself in the top 4. He will continue to sit back and hope that the other members threatening the top 4 will come up short. He is currently playing rounds in preparation for the last regular season tournament.

#4 Chris Sikes (29 pts) – What seemed like a sure thing is now left to question. Will this member be seen in November playing for the title? Makeup rounds on Friday knocked Chris back 10 points. Now with only 2 tournaments left for him to earn points, he is going to have to sit back and hope that the others don’t steal more points in makeup rounds

#5 Brandon Smith (24 pts)- No movement was made by him this week. With members posting top 3 scores in makeup rounds and knocking the top 4 down on points, Brandon can see himself inching closer to the #4 spot. After missing an opportunity to take points in 1 of his makeup rounds this week, he is going to have to get serious and place somewhere in the 2 tournaments he has left. Let’s see what he can do next week at Limona.

#6 Chris Meyer (23.25 pts)- As expected, he is now within striking distance for a top 4 spot and the chance to play in November. In his 5 tournament rounds, Chris has earned trophies in 4 of them. He still has 5 tournaments that he needs to make up, which gives Chris the best shot at climbing the ranks and solidifying a spot in the championship.
The question is… will we see Chris next week at Limona?

#7 Dan Harvey (19.75 pts)- This man of endurance made up 3 rounds on Friday and captured 12.75 points. Not bad for a days work. Now with only 3 tournaments to make up, Dan can see light and victory at the end of the tunnel. Can he keep up this momentum and post another successful day of point stealing?

#8 Victor Millar (7.75 pts)- He made up 2 rounds and came away with 7.5 points. He is now back in the game. Victor has the potential to post a deadly score at any time, so the eyes are now on this man. If Victor manages to show up at Limona and post his makeup rounds there, expect more chaos in the rankings. With time running out, he is almost obligated to show if he wants to play in November.

#9 Scott Artal (2 pts)- Not mathematically eliminated, but he needs to post fantastic scores in his last 3 makeup rounds.

#10 Keith Sikes (1.75 pts)- Another member that's not mathematically eliminated, but only has 4 opportunities to come away with something.

#11 Matt Massuto (.75 pts)- Did not show for the makeup rounds this week. With 7 rounds to make up, time is now his nemesis. Not yet mathematically eliminated.