DISC GOLF OR DIE   September 27, 2010 at 6:50pm


so thanks again to everyone who made it out. what a weekend!

first, i want to wish our dear friend Chris "Conrad" the best of luck on his journey to actually..."live the dream!" he WILL be home soon, but will be greatly missed untill then. love ya brother!
next, of course, the man, the greatest, the one and only, king of hornings hideout... BOB HORNING! thank you Bob!
support Bobs senate bid at bobhorning.com

all our winners: Chris Graham, Mark Lawrence, Tim Stone, Lil Danny B, Krissy Reed and Jousha Donald Pitt the big fat pile of......love!
long drive winner: Chris Conrad
putting winner: trozzle

the two birthday boys: Crazy Mike and Big AL.

DGOD Admin: Andy V, Zac Conway and DGOD Arnie for all there hard work. couldnt have done it without you. thank you
Nick "young gun" Johnson for the sweet DGOD! cakes and all he does for my boys. nick was the only one there when lil dan got hit by the disc and he handled it like a F'n pro. thank you nick, for everything!
Emma Rose who played against all the boys and held her own... like we knew she would! thanks Emma
and to Ken Gilmore for being such a good sport and even autograghing a 2007 RCO dvd, thanks Ken!

thanks to my two boys who are the reason i do this!( i guess i kind of like it too) and my dear wife who lets me do it.

all our event sponsors: Gateway Disc Sports(DGOD! dosent follow trends, we set them... so get some Gateway in your bag!), Stumptown Disc Golf and Gwillim, Camp Dakota, Disc-Van-Go, cross the line outdoor adventure, NVS Glass, Jimmys Sports Bar, Sterling Savings Bank And Dekek "Nad" Nadvornick, Rick Jones at Disc golf creations and larren Gigliari.

in the end we raised $700 for Bob, and had a great time doing it!

stay tuned for our next events... lunchtime clean up #2 and happy holidaze #1 more info coming soon.

i love you all!!


event photos here... http://www.discgolfscene.com/profile/4708 ...we love comments!