Tampa Disc Slingers   September 26, 2010 at 7:08pm

September Power Rankings

All it takes is a few weeks of tournament makeup rounds and TDS Tournamet 2 to produce massive shifts in the ranks. With plenty of makeup rounds and 1 more tournament still to come, nobody has clinched a spot in the November championship.

#1 Vinny Piperato (85 pts) - Even though he has not mathematically clinched a playoff spot, Vinny will most likely be seen playing in November. With 7 wins and 2 bronzes, he looks to secure himself as the club's top member for the beta season. With no rounds to makeup, he will have to sit back and wait for the makeup rounds to complete. Vinny is the club's record holder for Limona, USF, and Buckhorn.

#2 Chris Sikes (39.5 pts) - He leap frogs over Will and Joe to take hold of the club's second best position after a stellar performance in TDS Tournament 2. He has 3 silvers and 3 bronzes, and looks to capture more as he takes on a Disc Slinger Doubles 1 makeup round. In a few more weeks, Chris will know if he has done enough to secure a playoff spot. So far, things are looking good.

#3 Will Parson (39 pts)- He maintains his ranking after coming up short in the latest tournament. He has the potential to solidify a playoff spot, but needs to show up on the tournament makeup rounds that he has the opportunity to complete. Will needs to complete Weekly Informal 6, Weekly Informal 8, and TDS Tournament 1. These are all rounds that he has the potential to place in. Can Will get his game face on and fight for a chance to take home the crown?

#4 Joe Mangrum (34.5 pts) - He has been plagued by makeup rounds. He was once the club's number 2 member, and people knew that because he played like it. Joe is currently in a slump and has no choice but to sit back and hope that no more of his trophies get busted up by makeup rounds. Even with turmoil at the worst possible time, he still has a chance at representing the number 4 spot in the championship. With no make up rounds to complete, Joe will be able to use this time to get in sync and capture a trophy in the last regular season tournament.

#5 Brandon Smith (23.75 pts)- A member that has a decent chance at taking one of the top 4 spots and heading into the championship round. He has a lot of ground to make up, and only 3 tournaments to do it. Brandon needs to place somewhere in Disc Slinger Doubles 1, Weekly Informal 6, or TDS Tournament 3. Of course, he can always hope that more trophies are taken from Joe.

#6 Chris Meyer (18 pts)- He has the best chance at climbing the ranks and play for the crown in November. His game is solid and he has plenty of chances to rack up points in makeup rounds. Chris still has opportunities in Weekly Informal 2, Weekly Informal 3, Weekly Informal 5, Disc Slinger Doubles 1, Weekly Informal 6, and Weekly Informal 8. This will be the guy that can ruin the day for the current top 4 members. The only element against Chris now is time. Can he make up these rounds before the deadline?

#7 Dan Harvey (7 pts)- Even though it seems too far out of reach, he still has a chance of making it into the championship round. What's going for him is that he has 6 tournaments to make up and he has the endurance to knock out more than one in a day.

#8 Scott Artal (1.75 pts)- Not mathematically eliminated, but he needs to post scores in the 4 makeup rounds that he has been unable to acheive thus far. He will be mentioned more often next year when stableford scoring in 3 different tiers are brought to the club.

#9 Keith Sikes (1.75 pts)- Another member that's not mathematically eliminated, but also needs to post scores for the 4 makeup rounds that he has been unable to acheive. Expect to see him making a statement next season.

#10 Matt Massuto (.75 pts)- Not eliminated yet, but needs to post high scores in his 7 makeup rounds... and quickly.

#11 Victor Millar (.25 pts)- He has not played in a single tournament and will be unable to make them all up in time. In order for him to be playing in November, he's going to have to post high scores in a hurry.