Acerbinky Disc Golf Club   October 8, 2010 at 11:28pm

ABDG BagTag Callenge - Camp Dakota 8/13

This should turn out to be a fun day for Disc Golf. I hope the weather holds for us!
As I have mentioned in previous weeks, Camp Dakota offers an 18 hole course with new baskets just recently installed.
They also have a paint ball course that is not open during the weekdays, so it should not interfere with our game.

There is a $3 per person park fee.

For those of you that are interested I have suggested a second round of Paint ball to mix things up.
I have spoken with the camp & they offer a $30 package that includes 500 paint balls & all the equipment. Though they do not normally have paint balling during the weekdays, they will open it for us if I can get a small group to commit. They do also offer group discount rates of 6 or more.

Please let me know BEFORE Monday 8-11 if you are interested in playing some DG Paintball, so i can reserve the spot.

$3 - all day Disc Golf
$33 - Disc golf & paint ball

More info: