Tampa Disc Slingers   October 9, 2010 at 9:00pm

Mid October Rankings

This week was full of surprises. That’s the nature of the beast when it comes to sports competition. There’s 2 more weeks of makeup rounds and the last regular season tournament left. As the playoff picture starts to form, there’s still a lot of questions that need answering. Maybe we will find the answer next week.

#1 Vinny Piperato (77 pts) – With 53 guaranteed points already, he is the first member to clinch a spot in the championship. There is a possibility that Vinny could lose a few more points, but not enough to send him back into 5th place when the season ends. He will not be playing in TDS Tournament 3. Instead, he will sit back and hope that his effort thus far is good enough to retain the club’s #1 spot. He is the club's record holder for Limona, USF, and Buckhorn.

#2 Joe Mangrum (35.25 pts) – He dodged a few bullet and his points remain intact for another week. He has 24 points guaranteed, which is the second highest. There’s still a few individuals that will attempt to steal points in the next few weeks. Even with that fear, Joe is still in a decent position to place in the last tournament and earn himself a spot in the championship. He does not have any makeup rounds, so his points will have to hold for now.

#3 Brandon Smith (31.5 pts)- This position could be short-lived, but for now, he jumps up the ranks and takes a hold of a top 4 position. After a second place finish on a makeup round and knocking people backwards on points, Brandon now sees himself in a position to secure a championship spot. He sits with 22 guaranteed points and looks to take more in the last regular season tournament. He has no more makeup rounds, so these points are going to have to hold for as long as they can.

#4 Dan Harvey (30 pts)- He makes up another round and steals a win from Vinny. With his first gold secured, he rockets up 3 positions to take hold of the club’s final top 4 spot. Out of his 30 points, 20 of them are guaranteed. Dan is definitely improving his game rapidly and looks to clinch a spot in championship round within the next 2 weeks. He still has 2 rounds to make up… and he’s capable of taking points in both. Dan’s game is coming together at the right time, and Vinny can feel the pressure.

#5 Will Parson (29.5 pts)- As predicted, he loses both of his 3rd place finishes to the makeup round nightmare. Will is still in the hunt with 22 points guaranteed and the opportunity to make up 2 tournaments. Now with the pressure of being out of a top 4 spot for the first since April, he needs to focus and get some points from the tournaments he has left. Maybe we will see him with a new arsenal of discs?

#6 Chris Sikes (27.5 pts) – Condolences go out to the man that was sitting at the #2 spot just 2 weeks ago. Now on life support with only 5 guaranteed points, Chris has to find a way to score points on his remaining 2 tournament. We all know that he can take points on Disc Slinger Doubles 1, but can he pull through in the clutch and place in the season’s final tournament? If he wants to play in November, he will play like a champ during these last 2 weeks.

#7 Chris Meyer (24.5 pts)- Probably the most surprising story. He moves backwards in the rankings after missing the opportunity to place in any of the 3 makeup rounds that he posted this week. Now he has to hope that he can post phenomenal scores in the final 2 makeup rounds as well as take one of the trophies in the final tournament. Stranger things has happened lately. Will he be able to pull it together before the beta season closes the doors on him?

#8 Victor Millar (7.75 pts)- MEDIC!!!! After a promising performance last week, he fails to get to the course this week. The only thing on his side is that Vinny failed to get all of the rounds done for Buckhorn and Limona, giving him the chance to post a round. He only has 2 weeks left to get as many rounds done as he can.

#9 Scott Artal (2.5 pts)- Eliminated from the championship. He only has 2 tournaments left to take points, which will not be enough. Be careful with this guy next season when the group handicaps are in place.

#10 Keith Sikes (1.75 pts)- Not mathematically eliminated, but needs to come away with wins in the 4 tournaments that he has left.

#11 Matt Massuto (.75 pts)- If he can’t get out to the course this week, he will be unable to make up enough rounds in time and become eliminated from the championship round. He’s posted a +14 without trying, so he’s still alive… but barely.