Tampa Disc Slingers   September 1, 2010 at 10:59pm

The Champ Retains the Title

USF Riverfront was the battleground where 6 competitors were present to take on Vinny Piperato, the Tampa Disc Slingers' defending champion. While some were pursuing their first title, others were attempting to seize a golden opportunity and move up into the top 3. Vinny had little time to practice with his new Monarch driver and the last time he played at USF was back in early June. With challenges ahead, the tournament began at 4:00 when Vinny threw the opening disc.

The front 9 plagued most of the competition, which was unexpected. Problems on holes 5 and 8 is what began to separate the pack and develop a distinguished top 3. There were only 3 birdies which were made by Vinny Piperato, Chris Sikes, and Dan Harvey. There were a few incredible tee shots made by Dan Harvey, Chris Sikes, Chris Meyer, and Vinny Piperato. When you see the results from the front 9, see if you can find anything odd:

Vinny Piperato +1
Brandon Smith +4
Chris Sikes +7
Chris Meyer +8
Dan Harvey +8
Joe Mangrum +9
Keith Sikes +10

The back 9 continued to pummel the club as the narrow paths throughout the woods seemed even smaller. There were no birdies, but many bogeys and double bogeys. There were a few good shots worthy of the ESPN top 10 that were made by Joe Mangrum, Vinny Piperato, and Chris Meyer. No one was able to catch up to the champ as he was able to finish the course with a new club record. When you see the final scores, see if you can find what is really odd:

Vinny Piperato +4
Brandon Smith +10
Chris Meyer +15
Chris Sikes +15
Dan Harvey +18
Joe Mangrum +19
Keith Sikes +26

New rules will be put in place to ensure the integrity of these scores in future tournaments. Expect to see some more action on Saturday, September 26th when the Tampa Disc Slingers host TDS Tournament 2 in a location to be determined. Expect to see new members and fierce competitors.