Motor City Chain Gang   August 21, 2010 at 3:40am

Monday Night League Berths - URGENT


Pre-Registration for the State Championship ends on Aug 27.

Unfortunately, I was planning on giving out our league berths on 8/30.

We need to pull this ahead to this coming Monday 8/23.

Requirements to win a league berth are:
a) must be an MCCG member as of now
b) must have 8 weeks of league play in as of now
c) must let me know at or before the begining of league on Monday 8/23 that you want a berth. I need name and division you will be playing at Ludington (does not need to be the same as your league division).

I will award the berths at the end of league this Monday night.

Post your name here if you want a berth and meet the criteria above, but will not be at league this Monday.
I will post the winners here as well.

Sorry for the short notice.